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Monday, 16 September 2013

Review: Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

Despite the fact that snoring is usually portrayed in full comedic glory and we've all chortled at partners so desperate to get a good night's sleep, they've sewn cotton reels or (now this is a sewing challenge), tennis balls on the back of their sleeping partner's PJs, snoring is categorically NO JOKE.

The Good Night Anti-snoring Ring
The Good Night Anti-snoring Ring
Unless you are in the privileged position of having a spare room in which to decamp and a partner whose feelings won't be hurt by such an act of noctural treachery, for many, the only recourse is to lie there and try to quell any murderous urges to stifle the blighter with an anti-allergy pillow (well, you want to give them a fighting chance, don't you).

When I met The Husband, he swore blind he did not snore. This was a blatant fib. Being a long term sufferer of hay fever, depending on the pollen count, he is capable of emitting sonorous rumbles which wake me (and occasionally even him) with a start.  

We've tried nasal strips and throat sprays with little effect and now the best defence I have is wax ear plugs which manage to muffle most of the sound but not the vibration.  So it was with grudging acquiescence on his part that I managed to get him to test the Good Night Anti Snoring Ring.

The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring is a beautifully crafted ring which uses the theory of acupressure. The ring is shaped to include "acu-activator" points which apply pressure on, uniquely, two specific points on the little finger. It is non-invasive, comfortable to wear and, more importantly, drug free.

Good Night Anti-snoring ring with 2 Acu-Activator Points
The Good Night Anti-snoring Ring has 2 Acu-Activator (acupressure) Points

Acupressure is the ancient Chinese practice dating from 3,000 BC which treats a number of ailments by applying pressure to specific points on the body.

The snorer should put the ring on about 30 minutes before retiring and it should be worn only when sleeping and for no longer than 12 hours at a time. It is suitable for adults over 18 years of age but you should not wear it if you are pregnant or suffer from sleep apnea.

How to wear the Good Night Anti-snoring ring
How to wear the ring

The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring comes in three sizes and is supplied in its own velveteen bag for storage. It comes with a useful leaflet containing full instructions and some excellent anti-snoring advice. Best of all, the manufacturers offer a No Quibble 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - so it is a no risk purchase. It is available to purchase at Boots, local pharmacies and health shops and online at www.goodnightsnoring.com. The current retail price is £30.00.

So did it work? Although it did not stop The Husband's snoring completely over the few nights we tested it, it did make it gentler and a little quieter and on this basis I have high hopes for it. The manufacturers say that it takes the body a good 3-4 days to acclimatise to the effects of acupressure so we are going to continue using it and also incorporate some of the lifestyle changes suggested.  

For example, our favourite tipple is red wine which is implicated in increasing snoring! It is also suggested that heavy snorers may benefit from two rings and that may well be required in our case. It is likely, that since The Husband is a hayfever sufferer, we need better treatment for this problem to help address his snoring and that once this is in hand, the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring will help us to eliminate the problem altogether.

If snoring is a problem for you or your partner, I would certainly recommend giving this product a go. You have absolutely nothing to lose and possibly a relationship to save!

*A PR sample was received for the writing of this post.
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